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Moving on from the excavation of potential people who are used to using cutting-edge technology, a bright idea was born Yusuf Mansur who wants to bridge the ease of paying all the needs of the community by combining the habit of using gadgets and habits pay duty.

Correspondingly, in 2013 was born Veritra International Sentosa (Treni) with PayTren products. PayTren is a technology that can be used on any type of mobile telephone or mobile phone (via the Android app), Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk / Hangouts, or a normal SMS) and easy / simple then we can make payments just as we make a payment through ATM / Internet Banking / PPOB and are valid only in a closed community environment / internal (community treni).


The Company was incorporated on July 10, 2013 pursuant to the Deed of Establishment Company Limited 47 Notary / PPAT H.Wira Francisca, SH., MH. The company was founded by the owners of the company - Ustadz Yusuf Mansur.


The company provides and sells technology or device known as PayTren payment, which can be used to make payments via their mobile phone (cell phone) after the mobile phone users are registered in the community treni. This facility can not be used outside the community of treni.

In conducting its business, PT.Veritra International Sentosa offers two (2) options / transaction category (contract) of all your special partner treni (community treni), namely:

As a user Users PayTren
As a businessman (co PayTren market and develop community treni)

A strong commitment from employees and creativity are supported by adequate equipment becomes our fortress to provide services to customers of different levels.

As a team, we have a vision to make the company as part of a constant need for people (life style), especially in terms of creating convenience / practicality and saving structured / congregation would accomplish the mission of our strong, which is committed to cultivate community treni as many ,

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