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TYPE OF BUSINESS: Sale of the "License" Application / Software / Technology (PayTren)

Jl. Soekarno - Hatta No. 40 275 543A Bandung - Indonesia
Phone: 08112107888
Email Service:

TIN: 66.604.585.1.424.000

NPWZ: 317110020000632

Managing Director (President Director) and Chief Executive Officer.
Name: (Ustadz) Yusuf Mansur
Address: Jalan Ketapang No. 35, RT.001 / RW.003, Ketapang, Cipondoh, Tangerang City.
TIN: 89.051.675.0-416.000
Type of Business and Workers

The company is marketing the "License" use of the Application / Software / Software / Technology named "PayTren" where the marketing system was developed through a partnership / business partners (Direct Selling / direct sales) with the concept of networking. PayTren can be used on all types of SmartPhone especially Android (at least Ice Cream Sandwich) in order to perform a transaction / payment as well as ATM, Internet / SMS / Mobile Banking, PPOB (Payment Point Online Bank) and is only valid within the closed community, the community of treni / PayTren. Under certain conditions can also use the media Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk / Hangouts or SMS (short message service) and others (to be developed), but with features that are not complete if using Android, the transaction type include, among others:

Credit purchase a mobile telephone.
Payment of telecommunications services (telephone and speedy).
Payment of subscription PLN (both pre- and postpaid).
payments taps
Payment of subscription television subscriptions (Indovision, and others).
Bill payment vehicle loans (ADIRA, FIF, WOM, etc.)
Spending on merchants (merchants) specific.
Purchase of flight tickets and railway (KA).
and others
The Company currently employs 37 employees, but this number will grow along with the development of the company.

Company location

Location of the company is a representative office in Wisma Ritra First Floor, Jalan Soekarno-Hatta No. 543A, Bandung a meeting room on Floor Three.

Vision and mission

As a team, we have the vision to become the intermediary technology service provider of the best deals at the national level through the establishment of community with networking concept, which will be achieved through our strong mission, that we are committed to:

Encouraging community of users / owners of mobile phones to enhance the function of merely ordinary communication tool into a tool for dealing with the benefits / advantages (benefits) which will not be obtained from the usual way of trading.
Create a system of services for all users / owners of mobile phones to participate and assist the government in promoting economic growth quality in the sector-based transaction costs (fee-based income).
Forming one billion users with networking concept that applies both regionally and Intenasional.
Value - Strategic Value

Trustworthy (trust). Trust is an essential foundation in starting or building a relationship, be it personal with a private company to company and between personal and corporate. Various kinds of imperfections or flaws will become something that is not important if the trust was successfully implanted in depth, thus providing an opportunity for the various parties to improve its services.

Responsibility (responsibility). Responsibility is an important consequence of the trust that has been implanted, the deeper the higher the trust responsibility that should be borne by all parties.

Excellence (excellence). The depth of trust and increasing responsibilities will spur creativity and affects products worth more or superior / prime.

Nationality (nationality). With a variety of advantages and disadvantages, we are proud because everything is built on creativity as a product of Indonesia.

Integrity (Integrity). We have the ability to act on truth both principles, rules and legality, so that they can correct errors and change towards the better.

Strategic target

To realize the Vision, Mission and Values ​​Strategic, PT Sentosa Veritra International (treni) set the strategic goal of short-term, medium and long term, through:

Embodiment of foundation and infrastructure companies from the information technology (IT).
Accountability intermediary transaction management system.
Which include improved services and facilities for all partners,
Tumbuhkembangkan cooperation with various Merchant
Realize the development and maintenance of the strategic alliance and a positive perception of relevant institutions.
The efficiency and effectiveness of the objectives in conducting sustainable business development
The values ​​of divinity, humanity, unity, wisdom, and justice as a basis in developing communities, preserved

Business philosophy

PT Sentosa International Veritra PayTren mobilize partners to be technology users PayTren and a businessman who developed treni community.

In Islamic economics, absolutely there should be no oppression, so someone earn passive income without any economic activity, and only on the performance of others. It is based on the word of God in Surat an-Nisa verse 29:

"O ye who believe! Ye shall not eat each other neighbor's property with the falsehood (not true), except in the trade applicable to consensual among you. And do not kill yourselves. Indeed, Allah is Merciful to you "(Qur'an, Surah An-Nisa verse 29)

Based on the above proposition, treni philosophize to split the profits to the partners in the form casback PayTren and commissions are described separately in the business process. In this case, treni set the amount of cashback based on the ability of companies in accordance with the development of the business or the business of the company. Treni did not provide opportunities to practice repression and Treni PayTren between partners is not an investment company.

Treni ask the partners to transact for partners PayTren peguna PayTren technology as much as possible and to deal and develop Treni community as much as possible for partners as well peguna PayTren tech businesses.

Partners PayTren become lifelong partners and will not lose a partnership exception occurred violations of the company.

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